The Guardian - 'Science Is Everything!'

In 2014 I won The Guardian's short film competition with my ridiculously stereotypical science nerd, Jeremy Bumble. The Guardian then asked me to make a mini series which was published on their website in 2015. Apologies in advance!

Science Is Everything! - Episode One - Moore's Law
Science Is Everything! - Episode Two - Moon On Toast
Science Is Everything! - Episode Three - Immortality
Science Is Everything! - Episode Four - Is my brain older than my body?
Science Is Everything! - Episode Five - Higgs Boson

Jeremy Bumble - Dominic Burgess
Writer / Director - Dominic Burgess
Producer - Dominic Burgess
Editing / VFX / Music - Dominic Burgess
Camera / Sound / Lighting - Elliot Smith
Assistant Producer / Runner - Amy Mathieson
Special Thanks to - Richard Hunter, Jamie Maule-ffinch, Luke Roulstone, Phillippa Burgess, Stuart Mckechnie, Laura Mckechnie, UCL, Imperial College, Fabrics Galore, Vega Electronics

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